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Today in the world of international business market on the web contains lot of visits of the customers but the problem is how to grab them. This problem can be solved by search engine optimization also know as SEO. Search engine optimization is nothing but making your website search engine friendly. SEO is a powerful concept or technique used by internet marketing companies. SEO is basically a game in which search engine plays the role of playground, websites plays the role of teams & keywords plays the role of team players. In this game, lots of teams have played but only that team has won who have strong team players that means relevant keywords at appropriate positions in the website. The position includes web page TITLE, Meta Tags, Page Body & Image. Hence, it is a game of placing keywords in the website. Search engine optimization is not a one time work process it requires a continuous effort & months of hard work.

Now, the question who provides the search engine optimization services? The answer is that people take these services from a company regarded as seo firm India. This firm also called an organic seo experts India who has in depth knowledge of seo services & techniques and offers affordable seo services in India. Apart from this, person can get these services by individuals. There are lots of EBooks like seo for dummies & Articles are published on the SEO services.

Services provided by seo experts India?

SEO experts India provides services related Website promotion. According to the technique, the process is carried out by professional seo company India in various steps. The total no. of steps are followed in this process are seven. The brief introduction of these steps are written below:

Website Analysis: In this step seo company in India analyses the whole website according to various factors. These factors include website structure visibility, coding & content. After analysis, the report is prepared by the company so that necessary changes that have to be done to make a website seo friendly can be judged. In the website report analysis, the webmaster finds out the search engine neglecting factors like amount of java script used, amount of flash used or if the website uses frames. Static or dynamic nature of the website is also to be considered in this report.

Keyword Search: In this step search engine optimization experts India find the suitable keywords also known as search terms from various tools like Wordtracker, Overture & Digitalpoint. The word suitable keyword means the keyword who have low competition & are searchable. Keyword Analysis is very important step in the field of web promotion. Keywords analysis is done on the basis of country, state and city. There are two types of keywords 1)Primary keywords 2)Secondary keywords. Primary keywords are those keywords which are targeted & secondary keywords are those keywords which are derived from primary keywords by using qualifiers, city, state & country name.

Write Information Content: After finding the suitable keywords, the seo experts India write the useful information about these keywords. The useful information includes services, techniques, benefits etc. After then, the content is placed on the website by making keywords as web pages. This is a very challenging step for any search engine optimization firm because writing useful & unique content is not an easy task. Also search engines like "fresh content". Now, this content includes your both primary & secondary keywords. To make effective content, keywords are to be made bold & italic so that the user completely understands the page description.

Meta Tag Generation: After content writing, the experts generate Meta tags for those keyword pages for which they write content, these tags include Meta description, Meta keywords & Meta abstract. All your primary as well as secondary keywords are listed in the Meta tags. Meta tags are the first thing which spider of search engine crawls. Meta tags should be small & descriptive. It should not be senseless. Senseless meta tags are considered as spam.

Internal linking of pages: This is also known as on page optimization, in this step the experts interlink the pages of the website with keywords, this helps in improving the search ranking of the website. According to Google algorithm, internal linking is very important because it helps the spider to crawl all pages very quickly. Internal linking is done with the help of secondary keywords. i.e. if your primary keyword has a webpage and you insert secondary keywords in it, you should link another primary keyword web page to one of the secondary keywords in a page.

Link Exchange & Link Development: This is an exciting challenge for any search engine optimization company india to build quality relevant links. In this service a webmaster requests to another webmaster to exchange links with each other. Getting high quality links helps in increasing page rank of a website. The word page rank tells the popularity of a website. Page rank is given by Google search engine. Links are two types 1) Reciprocal Link 2) One Way Link. Reciprocal links are those links which are exchanged from relevant websites while one way links are those links which are not reciprocated.

Directory & Search Engine Submission: Directory & Search engine submission are also important activities of website promotion. In this service, the webmasters submit their websites to the leading search engines in order to promote their website. This is the last step of website optimization. Submission is paid as well as free. It also increases the website popularity.

As we know today, India achieves high position at seo outsourcing. In India, there are many seo companies who provide search engine marketing services & 909marketing is one of them. We have team of seo experts who have complete knowledge of these seven steps seo techniques. To know more or to request a quote please contact us TODAY!

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