What is 909 digital?

909 digital strategy is yet another revolutionary strategy in the world of marketing over the internet. We work against the tides of ocean, we don't follow rules, we make rules, and over the years from our experience we have defined our new set of working principles for marketing.

What are 9C's in 909?

9C's in 909 digital are Customer, Caliber/capability/credibility, Competitor, Communication, Creativity/ Constructive, Cost effectiveness, Commitment, Co-ordination/ Co-operation & Courageous/change.

What techniques suit me?

It simply depends upon the kind of requirements and budget that the customer has. Apart from the usual time constraints it is very important that the user makes appropriate choices in relation to the strategy to be used.

When should I expect results from SEO?

SEO is one marketing solution that may bring results in 2 weeks or few months. It has no such thing as fast returns but definitely the profits once gained are here to stay.

Can I opt in for both the paid options and SEO?

The customer can definitely enroll for both the options simultaneously but it is very important to analyze the combination of services to be opted for.

Why Flash is not recommended from SEO point of view?

Flash is undoubtedly not an Internet marketing friendly technology. The main reason being the spiders from various search engines cannot read and analyze the content from flash.

What is the difference between paid inclusions and PPC?

PPC and paid inclusions are generally confused as same solutions but they are actually different. Paid inclusions ensure guaranteed inclusions but not placement and PPC ensures both guaranteed placements and inclusions.

What is viral marketing?

Viral marketing in common man's language can be described as "Word of mouth" over the internet. As the information spreads like virus, internet simply acts as a very successful marketing tool.

Why should I outsource to you?

909 digital is undoubtedly one of the best options when you think of Outsourcing to India. Some our differential advantages include:

  • Quality Services by Experts
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased revenues
  • Reduced Infrastructural Investment
  • Round the clock support

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