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Link building is one basic tool that helps search engine's spiders to determine the ranking of the webpage. This strategy of search engine optimization is based on the principle of referential popularity of the link. By referential popularity we mean that as two websites exchange links with each other they generally tend to add up to the popularity of the links thus, incrementing the rankings of the link in search results.

Link building is of two types: Outbound linking: It emphasizes the exchange of links between two different websites.

Inbound linking: The intermingled linking of web pages within one website is generally referred to as inbound linking.

Generally, people tend to confuse between Link Building, Link Exchange, and Link Popularity:

Link building: Linking of one page to another (not importantly an exchange)

Link exchange: Exchange of links between two Websites on the basis of mutual understanding.

Link popularity: It is one criterion that search engine spiders follow for awarding ranking. Link popularity is achieved through link building and link exchange.

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