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Analysis of 909 Digital Marketing strategy

But at 909 we believe in the holistic concept of quality marketing which based on nine success principles (9C's). It's all about being smarter and working even harder.

  • Customer
  • Competitor
  • Creativity / Constructive
  • Commitment
  • Courageous / Change
  • Caliber / Capability / Credibility
  • Communication
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Co-ordination / Co-operation

909 Digital Marketing, leading internet marketing firm India firmly believe that all the above listed factors contribute to the success of theme of marketing.


"Customer is always right" The most important factor in the process of marketing is "customer". There are a few questions which form the base of importance of customer in 909 strategy these include:

  • What does the customer want?
  • Why does he need it?
  • When does he require the service or product?
  • Who are included in his client base?
  • What quality of service does he expect?
  • Which market does he want to cater to?
  • What is his theme of working?
  • What kind of marketing strategy does he need?
  • What talent is needed to be employed in the strategy?
Caliber / Capability / Credibility:

"Genius is 1% Luck and 99% Perspiration"

Once sure of the demands of the customers it is important to decide on what all strategies are to be followed, who will be involved in the project, what all responsibilities will be allocated and to who, etc. According to our work process we believe in working harder and smarter to deliver the best of results.


"It's not winning the battle; it's about performing better than others"

Before applying the strategy it is important to do research on the trends of the market related to the customer and a thorough study of his competitors. We work on the principle of not doing what your competitor does wrong but doing what he does right and combining our right acts with that.


"Good designs can never fix broken business models"

We firmly believe that marketing is all about communication with the customer and in turn his customers. The importance of marketing arises from the very fact of making people understand why they need that product, how it will influence his living and its importance in other aspects.

Creativity / Constructive:

"Imagination is the beginning of creativity" & "The best tool for imagination is ceiling"

Imagination is very well described as a strong tool in the war against reality. Creativity and working constructively are the core factors of our strategy. Our theme of working is based on the idea of providing creative solutions. Creativity in our terms is defined by the act of making something that does not exist and the user creates a strategy out of thought and makes every possible effort to make it work. We don't just believe in the idea of working creatively but also, constructively. By constructively we mean to emphasize the initiative of making that creative thought work i.e. bring out the desired results. Our concept of working is totally based on merging play with work.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost is one factor that generally mars the thought of working differently. Nothing in this world comes without a price to pay, but yes its all worth it, when combined with results. Through our work strategy we ensure that no matter what all effort and endeavor we need to put in the customer will actually "reap benefits" from it. We emphasize the thought of "value for money".

Commitment & Courageous Someone someday said that

"You never fail unless you stop trying."

We believe in the thought process of having results in the end. Commitment towards work and the urge to deliver results beyond expectations is our idea of working. We lay stress on being courageous in taking risks in the wisest possible manner and remain committed to help our customers reap the benefits out of their efforts through us.


"Together we can make it happen"

To be able to deliver results what is important is work collectively with the clients as a team in a true team spirit. The concepts of co-ordination and co-operation govern the success of any marketing strategy. The ideas of working for the clients and with the clients go hand in hand.

Change "The only constant thing in life is change"

"Good designs can never fix broken business models"

As the market trends change so should the strategy of marketing. In order to be able to deliver results that actually count it is important to change according to the market trends yet sticking to the plan of delivering the best possible results.

Using the above 9 C's or principles of marketing we aim to inculcate the magic of no. 9 in marketing and create waves in the world of online marketing.

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