Contextual Advertising

Contextual Advertising refers to the targeted advertising, first ever contextual advertising program was Google AdSense. Such systems have search results that are selected and served based on automated calculation of relevance. In Google AdSense, the user is provided with javascripts which when inserted in the web pages identify relevant ads and display on the web pages. The relevance was calculated through the google bot. These targeted ads have actually changed the very scenario of ROI of websites. More relevant the ads; more will be the number of times the ads are clicked and similarly more is the expected earnings.

In this type of advertising there are three major components:

  • Creativity – This aspect refers to the look of the ad
  • Media Planning – This facet points to the location where ads will run
  • Media Buying – This factor explores the idea of how buyers are going to pay for ads.

PPC is another inexpensive and most popular form of contextual marketing. At 909 digital, our teams of experts have a complete and strong study of search engines and behaviors of web surfers so every campaign is planned in accordance with the human behavior in mind. So, in case you are looking forward to hire a company that can plan your contextual marketing campaign well get in contact with our team. We shall remain on stand-by to assist you.

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