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The purpose of any website is to portray the identity of a brand or business house well on the global platform fondly referred to as World Wide Web. From reference to the past, present and future a website is expected to the perfect medium to know more and well about the company. Sections like About us, team etc in a website definitely help in portraying the company's information on the website but apart from your own websites the aspect of traffic comes from other sources. These sources generally refer top directories, community websites, search engines, relevant website links and most importantly press release websites.

Press Release, it is yet another innovative tool for internet marketing for the modern standards. In simple words a press release can be defined as an article stating the latest new and updates regarding an organization. These mainly contain contact information for the readers to get in contact with the particular organization being talked about. Press releases are often confused with the news stories written by journalists. But the two things are quite different from the motive point of view. A news story is written to inform people and not for marketing purposes whereas a press release is written by the members of the organization and are generally used for both the purposes marketing and reporting news.

The press release websites are in particular sources which have latest information about varied websites, business houses, brands offers and other such things that are generally used for the information view point and the popularity aspect. Generally, web masters also use them as perfect mediums for getting links from highly popular websites which in turn increases the chance of heavy popularity for your website.

From Internet Marketing Point of view:

On basic why is a website marketed, so that it appears on top results of search engine page results and more and more people visit your website. And Press Releases are a different way to market your online business. It not only fetches you top rankings through link building but also lets more and more people know about your website.

Advantages of Press Releases:

  • Media Relations: These can be used for spreading a word of mouth in the industry amongst the people who cover your industry. Clients, associates and other people in the industry all are made aware through press releases being published in the business domain websites.
  • Public Relations: By the electronic press releases being published in websites that are particularly meant for the customer reference purposes help in Public relations segment. These generally help you spread the exact message to the targeted customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization: At 909 Digital, The press releases are generally written by using the keywords from the seo point of view. So, these greatly help your site in reaching top 10 rankings.
  • Links: When it comes to press releases these are generally published on to some of the most popular business community websites. More popular the website better will be the help that you get from it in ranking higher.

So, press releases all in all have numerous benefits and can prove extremely advantageous. At 909 Digital, we are team of some hard core dynamic individuals who have the exact expertise required to handle the dynamism of the internet marketing world. And Press Release being an upcoming technique for SEO is our area of specialized expertise. Get in contact with our team to get a quick quote on press release optimization process.

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