Website Traffic Analysis

Internet marketing strategies are successful only when the results are monitored constantly. This helps the user to keep a track record of which sections users like to spend their time on and which areas need alteration.

We provide a very well defined format of Website traffic report, it includes:

  • Full fledged report regarding the Web site traffic
  • Activity reports on monthly, yearly & quarterly basis
  • Report according to the market trends
  • Reports of major keywords in leading search engines
  • Tracking changes that need to be done

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An Overview

Web Analytics

The analysis of websites ability to fulfill the objectives set while initiating the marketing strategy is called Web Analytics. It provides a series of following data:

  • Pages least viewed
  • Pages most viewed
  • Potential profit pages

The above data is one way the promotional team & the consumer can decide of further step that need to be taken in order to achieve higher rankings.

Methods of Web Analytics:

Log Files: Server itself records the transactions made

Software that we use:

  • Google Analytics

In our Web Analytics & Reporting Section we provide all our customers with the following types of reports:

Search Engine Readiness: Search Engine Readiness Report helps you to completely analyze whether your website is ready for submission in leading search engines. In this report you will find:

  • Complete analysis for your website
  • Recommendations
  • Overall readiness score according to different search engines
  • Reports regarding Browser Specifications

SEO Report Card & Usability Analysis: This report basically, comprises of all the information regarding the major traffic driving advertisements & all the sources that generate traffic to the website according to the time and location specifications.Some other classified features of this report include:

  • Website error analysis
  • Referrals to the Websites
  • Website connectivity
  • Detailed analysis of every Web-page
  • Search engine ranking reports

Website Traffic Monitoring: Traffic Monitoring Report guides on further steps that can be taken to enhance the profit levels from your website. It basically contains all the data that helps you to decide, the steps that need to be taken for betterment. It contains the following information:

  • No. of visitors on weekly, monthly and yearly basis
  • Introductory pages that people generally use
  • Exit pages from the website
  • Traffic analysis on the hourly basis
  • Traffic analysis according to the search engines & keywords
  • Other important information like languages, countries etc.

E-commerce Analysis: This report apart from the usual analysis provides a complete track record of Sales trends on your website. It basically provides with all the data regarding the no. of transactions that were carried out, failed transactions, incomplete transactions, maximized revenue resources, which products actually sell, products popular yet not sold etc.

Such collective information helps you properly analyze the steps that can be taken to maximize profits in the most proficient manner. Also, this reports throws light on the aspects of advertising i.e. as to which advertisement programs are generating sales and other such information.

Marketing Optimization Report: Marketing optimization Report comprises some of the following details which are generally not included in standard marketing reports. These include:

  • No. of pages visited during each visit
  • Time elapsed on an average between visits
  • No. of new visitors
  • No. of returning visitors
  • Mediums generating traffic (Advertisements, etc.)
  • Marketing report based on the leading search engines (Keywords, Clicks, Banners etc.)

Content Optimization Reporting: Comparison of various ads and their performance on the basis of revenue generated, average no. of pages visited in each visit, no. of people visiting the website, analysis on the basis of navigation are few important components of this report.

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