The digital space has brought the world closer to one’s desktop. However, the key to stand apart from the overcrowded digital arena does NOT lie in restricting the communication to B2B or B2C level; instead the communication with the target audience should focus on H2H (human to human) level. Whether you have a mid-sized or large scale set up, budget constraints, time limitations or flexible target audience; you can make impactful, eyeball-grabbing and successful digital presence even in cut-throat competition with five essential attributes of digital and internet marketing.


Focus on niche sites – According to an Ernst & Young report, Twitter witnesses 600 posts per second across its 190 million users and Facebook sees 60 million status updates per day. That means 7.8 billion opportunities to see each comment and thanks to Smartphones and Tablet Computers, users can access all this information on the move. So, in order to get noticed in the constant bombardment of digital space, it is pertinent to maintain one’s presence in industry-specific sites that cater to existing and aspirational profile of target audience.


Enhance customer / user experience – Did you know that about 80% of clientele discontinue business with a company due to bad customer service? Today, customers rely on personalized and real-time experience rather than brick and mortar interface. Translated to reviews on the net by users, the brand reputation could receive bouquets or brickbats depending upon the CX with the brand. In such cases, online interaction with customers by reassuring them of complaint redressal or addressing to their queries and suggestions project the company as a responsible and trustworthy friend.


Google your business/service on your PC/mobile – A must-have in running an organic check on your brand image, searching your brand on google will give you valuable insights on your website optimization, social media pages’ response and article or reviews written by online communities other than those you are in touch with. You could end up reviewing your SEO strategy, maximizing brand presence while being searched by users and ensuring your site is mobile-friendly.


Get common celebrity endorsements – In an age where personal, one-to-one conversation is the new currency, a high profile celebrity might appear distant if not fake. The solution to reaching out to consumers lies in making the common man a celebrity. Highlight his or her honest feedback on your brand or service, applaud him online, if possible give him gift vouchers or free gifts for his valuable feedback and make him your brand ambassador. This would help you stand apart, get noticed and be experienced – instantly.


Content is the king – Dynamic, engaging content with easy navigation and relevant information translates to that all-important first impression. Make your content useful and focused so that you don’t lose your goals in an effort to be seen online. Paid media is also important for the right content reaching the right people. For instance, is one such site that takes complete care of your custom digital marketing requirements – be they SEO, PPC, Content or Blog Marketing or even SMO. Expand the content horizontally by sharing it on related websites, making videos, drafting infographics and syndicating to trade publications.


So, be searched, seen and heard on digital platform in the right way and convert your digital and internet marketing to actual sales. Be savvy and not overwhelmed by the binary.