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It’s 2016 and your brand’s online success story will be scripted on the basis of marketing trends and generation of unique user experience. eMarketer’s report states that in 2017 total digital ad spends will exceed television ads and online ads spend will go up by 15.4%. A sign of sorts indeed. So, with this positive outlook and an upbeat digital market, let’s talk about online marketing optimization with emphasis on updating skills and keeping track of digital trends with these 4 simple yet important tips.


  1. Digital goes data-driven: Monitoring information, in-depth research, analyzing performance and evaluating customer response are a part of the big data of the digital arena. The core of all this is real-time update via analysis and measurement tools which translates to devising a successful online program. From data sourcing to data interpretation, online marketing in 2016 is data-centric.
  1. Engage with content: Think SEO and think qualitative content that interacts and engages the target audience. If you want maximum visibility make sure the content that you post can be clicked, read, liked, downloaded and shared by people and is in sync with the trends. The key lies in developing content on the basis of audience’s feedback. The trusted digital marketing company 909digital.com has a password for reaching out to a vast section of audience – optimizing content in multiple channels (blogs, website, social media etc).
  1. Mobile mania: Consider the fact that Google mobile algorithm has ‘mobile friendliness’ a main search ranking factor. This comes as a time when the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets is known to all. So if, in 2016, your site is not mobile-friendly then you’re losing out on a major chunk of marketing. Personalize data on the lines of apps, features and functions and see the difference it makes.
  1. Get personal: Up, close and personal is the new marketing mantra for enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing user experience. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook icon, couldn’t have said it better when he remarked that, “A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa”. Take cue from this and personalize.

So, 2016 is all about gaining that valuable insight into users’ mind and then devising an online marketing strategy. All the best for accomplishing your digital marketing objectives.