In a field where new software, new users and new companies spring every month, the digital marketing arena can be interesting and exciting for a person or company who knows hands-on about the latest trends. Like the proverbial early bird that catches the worm, here is a sneak-peek into top 5 trends of digital marketing in 2016:


  1. Mobile – “Mobilegeddon” algorithm update means if your site is not optimized for smartphone and tablet brigade, then you’re wiped out. Coming from Google, this is big news. So technically, it’s goodbye desktop, hello mobile. And a big hello to mobile-centric online marketing.
  1. Apps – An app a day keeps complex modes away. Online visibility with apps that are convenient and accessible spell boom-time for companies. So this year, it’s all about apps.
  1. Online Video Ads – They’ve been here forever you might argue. But now, we have Google, Facebook and Bing in the video option mode. So twenty-sixteen is a good year for video ads.
  1. Email Automation – Email marketing with the freedom to send messages to customers at designated duration or email automation is beneficial because it tracks engagement and tells you where customers’ interests lie. So that you can send personalized and customized content. No wonder it is hot in 2016.
  1. Content plus – Plus context, beyond personalized and mobile-friendly. Tick mark habits, location, environment, behavior and social preferences. Now that’s exciting in 2016.


Whatever the trends, whatever the year, one big trend that will always stay in digital field is H2H or human to human marketing. So while shopping for digital marketing companies who are aware of digital marketing trends, make sure you hand over your business to digital marketing experts in India like who believe in the human side of automation to connect with customers along with impeccable deliverables of online marketing services. So make the most of 2016 with digital marketing.